Prospecting Plans

We-Prospect STARTER

Our customer prospecting service in a light version, but no less effective for that. We focus on generating a hyper-segmented list of prospects suitable for each of our clients, and then deploy sequences that convert prospects into qualified meetings for your sales team.

Who is this service for? Medium, large and/or Multinational B2B companies in Tech, SaaS or other industries that have a consultative sales process and require introductory meetings.

We-Prospect PRO

Our most complete, multi-channel customer prospecting service with the exclusive dedication of one or more Sales Development Representatives (SDR) who work with the support of specialists in each area to achieve the assertiveness that our clients are looking for in their business meetings. We put all our resources and expertise to generate better business opportunities with Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

Who is this service for? Large companies and/or B2B Multinationals in Tech, SaaS or other industries that have a complex, consultative sales process and long sales cycles.

Plan Comparison

Why should you prospect?

New markets,
New customers

If it is in one or more countries, with We-Prospect you will be able to have new prospects and qualified meetings.


The fastest way to go out to find new qualified opportunities proactively through Outbound Sales.

Predictable Pipeline

A systematic and continuous customer prospecting process provides your company with constant qualified opportunities to do business.

What makes us different?

  • We focus on raising needs rather than showing attributes.
  • We don’t just make appointments for the sake of making appointments. We care about delivering qualified opportunities.
  • We are honest. We don’t promise a specific number of meetings because we know that every business has a different context.
  • We are extremely careful with your brand.

The numbers back up our results.

Of the meetings we schedule, they are actually held.
Of the meetings we schedule, they are fully qualified.


Which is better, Marketing or Outbound Prospecting?

Both actions are complementary. Marketing is passive (Inbound), therefore, leads that are looking for solutions like yours arrive. In the case of customer prospecting (Outbound) there is an active search for potential customers, i.e. those companies that are not necessarily looking for the solutions you offer.  By doing a good market research, you can get to detect the needs that will connect with what you offer.

Which are the typical roles in a Sales Development team?

Typical roles in this case are:

  • Marketing is in charge of the Inbound Leads.
  • Lead Researcher is in charge of finding target companies.
  • An SDR (Sales Development Representative) is in charge of making the first contact, qualifying the lead and generating business opportunities.
  • The Account Executive (AE) is the one who takes the business opportunity and closes the deal.