Prospecting plans


Our consultancy service is aimed at those companies that have an internal commercial structure and that require advice on the implementation of the best B2B client prospecting practices.

Through an Initial Diagnosis, we focus on knowing the current status of the company in detail, to then propose a theoretical and practical work plan according to the detected needs.

Connect with your potential customers and feed your business pipeline with better opportunities.

Our process

We plan the consulting processes according to the client’s times and we work together every week so as not to lose synergy with the team involved.

We offer the accompaniment service once the consulting process is finished to periodically review the implementation stages.

We work to put into practice the Prospecting Strategy and the Methodology to beimplemented, to then generate the deliverables in order to reach the desired objective.

Some of the deliverables are:

  • Definition of Tiers
  • Customer segments
  • TRZ Matrix
  • Prospecting playbook
  • R&W Matrix
  • Light BSC
  • hubspot guide
  • Tech Stack

Why Prospect?

New markets,
New customers

If it is in one or more countries, with We-Prospect you will be able to have new prospects and qualified meetings.


The fastest way to proactively search for new qualified opportunities through Outbound Sales.

Predictable pipeline

A systematic and continuous customer prospecting process provides your company with constant qualified opportunities to do business.

What makes us different?

  • We focus on raising needs rather than showing attributes.
  • We do not schedule to schedule. We care about delivering qualified opportunities.
  • Each client is a new project and we work on it in a customized way
  • We are extremely careful with your brand.

The numbers support
our results.

Of the meetings we schedule, they advance in the pipeline
Of the meetings that we schedule, they are held on the agreed date I want to know more/button

Frequent questions

What is better, Marketing or Customer Prospecting?

Both actions are complementary. Marketing is passive (Inbound), therefore, leads arrive who are looking for solutions like yours. In the case of customer prospecting (Outbound) there is an active search for potential customers, that is, those companies that are not necessarily looking for the solutions they offer. By doing good market research, you can detect the needs that are going to connect with what you offer.

What are the typical roles in a sales development team?

The typical roles in this case are:

  • Marketing takes care of Inbound Leads
  • Lead Researcher is in charge of finding the target companies
  • An SDR (Sales Development Representative) is in charge of making the first contact, qualifying the lead and generating business opportunities
  • The Account Executive is the one who takes the business opportunity and closes the deal